body preparation

But before applying a bqc·points formula or stimulating reflex zones on the face, we will pay attention to the general condition of the patient.

We must do everything possible to make him as receptive as possible to the treatment.

It is for this reason that we advise to always start with a "local" care by stimulating the morphology involved in the disorder.

Which body tool to choose?

Let's pay attention to the description of suffering in order to translate it into a yin or yang sensation and opt for the most appropriate stimulation.

In order to be able to choose the most suitable multireflex tool for the surface concerned, Faceasit proposes a list of instruments relating to each anatomical part.

It's up to us to decide if we should use a yin or yang accessory.


Take as an example a pain in the thigh. If the pain turns out to be dull, cold, deep or diffuse, it means that we are dealing with a yin-like disorder.

By compensatory logic, we choose a multireflex tool with yang effects and adapted to this region: the Double yang ball nº410.


If, on the contrary, the pain is defined as hot, or precise or acute, we will look for a description rather yang. We then choose a yin multireflex tool such as the Double yin ball nº411 or the Big hammer nº430 saucer side.


When the description is not precise enough, it is useless to spend too much time asking questions. By starting the treatment with the chosen tool, we have the opportunity to quickly question the patient about his feelings.

Then try with the opposite instrument and ask him which one he prefers.

It may seem simplistic, yet we address his body, so his brain. The sensation considered the most pleasant will be the most suitable.

Stimulate the "local" area 3 minutes and ask the patient if it was pleasant and if he appreciates a change. This body work stimulates the circulation of our vital energy (Qi) and encourages blood and lymphatic microcirculation. We promote oxygenation and awareness.

Although we intend to treat a chronic or emotional disorder that presents no concrete pain, we achieve better results by initiating our care by a delicate and pleasant intervention on the body.

★ Let's continue with the diagrams of projection on the face.