How to help patients?

The doctor examines you and gives you a list of medications to swallow; it's the prescription. Then, during the next visit, he checks whether his analysis worked or not.

So far, everyone accepts it.

So why should practitioners in alternative medicine should achieve incredible results in one session without offering treatment?

We have the incredible opportunity to dialogue for crucial information that will allow us to personalize our care. We know how to listen and decode the story. We must therefore make our "prescription": it means, to give homework to do.

I hear from here your reaction and my answer is: no!

Yes! Patients who treat themselves will come back!

Not only will they have a very good image of their therapist, but they will also feel involved in the healing process.

If our patient shows a certain interest, show him the diagram used for his treatment to acquire a more precise meaning. Advise the most suitable tool for maintenance exercises between sessions.

He will talk about you as being honest and come back with a much more dynamic Qi. You will get faster and deeper results.

Also use your knowledge of nutrition and common sense to recommend a leisure activity - to practice with pleasure - to promote its welfare and avoid stress.

All these tips are obviously valid in self-care.

Using the tools on the face offers us a space of well being in which we listen to our body with a therapeutic ear to get new ideas.

A deteriorated sleep and stress are important factors that cause internal traffic jams. Many people should learn simple gestures to not allow these blockages to accumulate day after day.

The advantages of Dien Chan

Applying protocols consistently does not always give quick results.

Dien Chan takes many complex factors and allows us to synthesize them. This modern method is revolutionary because it invites us to consult various sources of information.

Establishing an action plan consists of briefly developing a treatment that is perfectly adapted to our patient.

Dien Chan is at the service of our talent as a practitioner and offers the following benefits:

  • Be able to start treating directly without wasting time.
  • Demonstrate that we are really listening to the patient.
  • Get information while treating (Chan concept).
  • Learn to translate this information into therapeutic gestures.
  • Never give up other techniques already known.
  • Do not always start with the same protocol.
  • Quickly win the trust of the client.
  • Adapt to the situation to evolve the care.
  • To be able to give advice to strengthen the care.
  • Give explanations to the interested patient.
  • To be able to teach tricks.

  • Give meaning to the treatment.
  • Get results quickly.
  • To be able to consolidate the improvement obtained.
  • Feel creative
  • Consolidate your self-confidence with visible results.
  • To be able to combine wellbeing and therapeutic.
  • To be able to offer aesthetic solutions.
  • Continue complex research.
  • Participate in the evolution of the technique.

Be a care designer.

★ But these multireflex tools...?