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Are you searching for innovative ways to easily customize your treatments on the go?

➤ You know this...

Natural methods are far more powerful than what the pill sellers say.

Put your therapeutic talent to good use and let the result speak for itself.

✅ You have taken classes but you’re unsure of how to actually get started in your practice.

✅ It's time to ignite your passion and feel empowered to be creative in your sessions, establishing even more customer loyalty.

✅ With added confidence you will establish a stable and consistent income.

✅ Faceasit, the facial reflexology almanac, helps you to never feel stuck again!

Faceasit technology offers the opportunity to merge your talents and offer a unique service while demonstrating attentive professionalism. 

Integrate the original facial reflexology method into your panel of healing arts:

unify through Dien Chan.

The standard of the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (ISMDC) is to provide education on authentic Dien Chan. The original method is available for serious and talented therapists.

💥It is important to understand that all “facial reflexology” techniques are inspired by the invention of Dien Chan.

The simplified approach is the fruit from misunderstanding the concept of MULTI-reflexology invented by Pr Bùi Quôc Châu in the 80s.

For one example, we must consider the yin and the yang principles, a primary keystone to Dien Chan.

There is much more depth to the method. Do not limit yourself. 

Faceasit is the app for you!

✅ To feel confident consolidating your array of natural modalities to set yourself apart in the holistic field.

✅ If you took a class, this app will allow you to practice real Dien Chan and distinguish your care.

✅ If you have followed an advanced training, then Faceasit is the essential assistant to always be inspired. You will avoid the despair of no results.

✅ If you are intrigued by facial reflexology, start to familiarise yourself with the authentic method, thanks to Faceasit.

Let me explain...

... why it took me 4 years of research and development to create this Faceasit app.

I collaborated with Pr Bùi Quôc Châu for 10 years, organising trainings in France and Spain. We spent more than 2 months together every year, each time accompanied by one of his sons, who are still in charge of the Saigon clinic in Vietnam.

Between each meeting, I wrote and improved the course manuals. 2009 was the consecration of the publication bestseller "L’ABC du Dien Chan" by Grancher editions in Paris.

Professor Bùi Quôc Châu was given 100% of the copyright revenue to thank him for so many years of sharing and teaching.

I had the chance to meet extraordinary students through the multiple training courses. All experienced therapists who share my passion for this incredible modern method, which draws its strength from combining many traditional approaches.


But I needed a tool much more powerful than a book!

I decided at that time, to reorganise all of our course materials, put all my notes in order and listen to our countless recordings again. 

Fun Fact! Professor Châu recorded all of our training and even our conversations during the evenings and long car trips when we were going from the West Coast of Spain to the Alps in Switzerland!

In short, what could be better than a tablet app!

In 2009, Apple’s iPad was already recognised as the best mobile device. So, why not program a powerful work tool, capable of inspiring new solutions everyday and who remembers everything for me?

But I didn't want a simple collection of formulas made of acupressure points.

I didn't want to redo a book or fall into any reductions.

I wanted better!

It was in Paris, just after presenting the “ABC du Dien Chan”, that I decided to submit my idea to Professor Bùi Quôc Châu in the taxi that brought us back home.

After having listened to me, Professor Châu replied: «I don't know anything about computer science, but if you can do it... it will be proof that you are my best student.»

No need to tell you here the enthusiasm and challenge I felt...

I will not bore you with the details but it was in 2013 that Faceasit finally emerged. 

After 4 years of work, I managed to independently raise the funds to hire a team. This team was capable of programming directly in iPad language, the same I had managed to do on my computer.

Everything was ready!

✔︎ With this button below you can directly access the three versions in the AppStore:

▶️ The best thing is to watch this video to understand the principle.

The revolutionary concept

As we do in the consultation room:

— Listen to where the complaint resides.

— Define the most appropriate treatment plan for that symptom.

— Select the most suitable treatment tool (method).

Well, that's what Faceasit does!

Following this same rhythm, you will be able to apply Dien Chan protocols from the first minute. In combination, you will also study the diagrams of reflection, choose your tools well and understand the «why» of each bqc·point on the face.

😔 I don't have an iPad

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We want to satisfy everyone, however, at this point, the iPad remains the best tablet on the market. Perhaps this is only understood through a computer science nerd’s eye, but we need to ensure a high quality experience.

✔︎ Yes, it’s an investment! We’re confident you will quickly recoup with Faceasit.

✔︎ Our recommendation is to avoid buying an old second-hand model, you won't be able to take advantage of the latest significant update. 

Don’t worry, we don’t have Apple stock options!

How much does Faceasit cost?

3 independent versions to tempt you:

⭐️⭐️⭐️ For an all-in-one professional tool. Unlock 100% access to advanced content and button functionality, chart your sessions in real time, immediately create follow-up sheets to send directly from mail and other features. You need Faceasit’clinic.

⭐️⭐️ Less than $100 (depending on the taxes of your country), install Faceasit’pro if you want to explore the benefits of health independence by practicing Dien Chan. At the same time, you can help those around you no longer abuse synthetic medications.

⭐️ Much cheaper, if you want to try it for first aid use, install the introductory version called Faceasit’reflex.

We are here to help you

The popularity of this revolutionary app has over 7000 active users at present. Faceasit’s quality speaks for itself by only having perhaps a dozen help requests; to assist in changing the app's language!

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👍Yes! Faceasit is in 6 languages (En/Fr/De/Es/It/Pt).

«It turns like a Swiss watch. It is the daily assistant of countless natural therapy professionals.»

— Patryck Aguilar-Cassarà —


The basic ‘self-care’ version to get a general idea of the method and to practice on family or friends. Learn more about zone work. 


The advanced learners version for implementing bqc·points, Dien Chan reflection diagrams and studying multireflexology.


100% access to content including master-level content. Faceasit'clinic maintains your individual records and keeps the history of each treatment. 

Create customized protocols in real time and send followups directly from the app.

(HIPAA compliant).

What is our guarantee?


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How to develop a treatment plan with Faceasit

Here is a free file to help you understand even more how Faceasit’clinic will become your daily assistant to always manage to personalise your session.